On a Mac, those apps along your Doc get little alert notifications when something’s up. Get a new email and your app icon for Mail gets a little 1. Then a 2. Same for Messages and a bunch of other apps. The super happy feature is a nifty way to stay abreast of relevant things (sometimes at the cost of focus and productivity, but that’s another issue).

But I’m the kind of chap who can’t ignore an alert. If it’s there, I must check the problem out and fix it. It’s like some bizarre compulsion.

So when Messages bugs out and display a false alert, I go insane. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Close Messages.
2. Open Activity Monitor.
3. Highlight “Dock” process.
4. Click the “X” to close it. Dock will instantly relaunch.
5. Re-open Messages. It should be gone.

Yeah, this post is mostly for myself. But if you have the trouble, there’s a solution.

[Image by WWarby]

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