It’s a little odd when I get mail about my work. It happens from time to time, though it’s usually in the form of someone asking me to write an article about their pet project. (Which I will do if I can, though I can far less frequently than I wish.) But occasionally, someone drops me an email about a project or something and I get all agiggle to answer it. This one was a little more surreal than usual:

“Hey, Mike,” this letter said. “Why don’t you use DRM protection on your books?” Actually, what the letter said per se was “y u no drm, man? You don’t care about pirates?”

Allow me to extend this formal invitation to every single person who wishes to pirate my books: go for it. Knock yourself out. Hell, let me know you’re doing it. And if you’re pirating me because you like the work, do please swing by Amazon or Smashwords and leave me a review (positive is awesome, honest is best).

I’m not struggling against piracy, I’m struggling against obscurity. For all that I’m an established writer with plenty of credits and bylines to my name, I don’t have an agent trumpeting about how awesome¬†The Mystery Hounds series is, and how I wrote it specifically to be easily read aloud. I don’t have an advertising budget that doesn’t consist of “Tweet and hope not to annoy people.”

Sure, my opinion might change when I’m swimming around in my diamond-encrusted swimming pool and sipping champagne from gold-plated mugs. But in the mean time, if you’re sending one of my books to a friend… well, thanks. I hope they like it enough to buy it.

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