A few more days, a few more doctors, and a few more snow days. All this has passed under the bridge this week. I spent a few eveningsĀ pulling all nighters, carefully monitoring Meadow’s health throughout the wee hours. Everything was fine of course.

river_snowman_inlineIt’s been interesting watching River play with her. My darling daughter goes further than just saying she likes the baby. She demands to hold Meadow, and sits down on the couch. She’s precise and careful to never let Meadow’s head go unsupported. She carefully brushes her hair and pats her cheek.

She says heartwrenching things like “Baby Meadow went to the hospital. Nurses and doctors made her better. Now she home with us and happy!”

Given that River has been so attentive to her little sister, I’ve obviously been super extra careful to pay special attention to River, in turn. We had a little snow this week; she got to build a snowman with Mom. If the snow currently lazily drifting down from the sky continues tonight, then tomorrow River and I will go sledding. And it will be epic.

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