I have a problem. I like the idea of writing on this blog more regularly, but it’s not like I sit around with nothing to do. Between two daughters, a beloved wife, and a lawn that needs mowing, any random free time I come across should be devoted to Recurrency creators or (heaven forfend) actually writing myself.

So I thought Postach.io might be the solution. After all, I constantly live in Evernote and it works pretty seamlessly on all my devices. I wouldn’t hate getting that little bit of extra value out of the program, either, since I pay for the pro version.

But, sadly, Postach.io didn’t work out for me. First, Postach.io blogs must be hosted out yonder, and the service is pretty pricey (about $100 a year) for a new website not included in my current hosting. Still, I figured there must be a technical way to make the Evernote-CMS idea work, and I continued to tinker.

The harshness and real deal breaker came when I tried to play with images. To its credit, Postach.io is focused on the words and the simplicity, but options for manipulating images and such are fairly limited. So even if I managed to make the tech work out, my formatting options were still sorely limited.

Instead, I’m now using Zapier in a similar wy. I write the basic post, do some editing a little while later, all in Evernote. After adding a Published tag, Zapier sucks that post in from Evernote and fires it at my WP site. The Evernote note then lands as a Draft, ready for me to doctor and add images as necessary.

It’s a decent compromise. I suspect that I couldn’t really move off WordPress in the long term anyway, and taking the time to write the words (when I happen to have it) is a bigger deal than all the other moving parts. So for now, at least, I’ll use Evernote to compost a post, let Zapier put it in my WP installation, and then add images when I’m ready to publish.

Postach.io is still one hell of an idea, though. I sincerely hope it works out.