SunsetAn Evernote post about the daily routines of creative minds caught my interest for a couple reasons. I get real passionate about productivity topics, and building an effective daily routine is definitely a big part of being effective. So while I’ll defer on calling myself one of the great creative minds (because, come on), this is a topic that resonates with me.

First, I thought it was interesting that the first answers from Mason Curry said that he found effective, productive people with any kind of schedule. Some were early risers. Others were late risers. But then, for the rest of the article, the questions were focused on an early-morning schedule setup. I prefer an early-to-rise schedule, personally, but the narrative bump made me wonder.

But I do agree with the idea of an early-focused schedule. Mason Curry says he thinks “the key is going straight to work.” Minimize the bumps and delays between springing out of bed and getting thoughts down on paper. Dodge the delays and barriers that use up energy before you start being effective.

I like an early schedule. I like to harness that fresh energy, before decision fatigue sets in and wears down the brain. Get started early, stay focused, use that alertness, and knock the work out of the park.

The Evernote post felt a little too concise for the topic at hand, but it was a nice bit of reaffirmation for what many productivity fans know. While the rules are obviously different for every person, and you must access your self-awareness to build your own perfect schedule, the general idea is that you should organize yourself to avoid trouble rather than just trying to power through it. You can’t just ignore distractions — that wears away at your self-regulation, after all. You must position yourself so that you don’t encounter the problem in the first place.

And since I’m writing this 8 o’clock at night, I think I’ll end this post and get myself ready for a good night’s rest.

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