This is art created by fans and friends. I’m incredibly honored and touched by every single one.

“Fan art” page sounds super obnoxious. It reads a little like ego to me, and I don’t really jive with that. But every time I try to think of a more clever name, I stick it in the menu above… and it looks horrible. I’m open to better names if anyone thinks of something.

Mike and Kat, drawn by Cutaia, based on a photo by Matt Norris

Grike May, Esq. is my pseudonym in Slashdance’s gorgeous Yesterday’s News. This is one of the most beautiful machinima I’ve ever seen, and I can’t put in words how honored I am to be in it.

The @writegray Magic: The Gathering card, by the inestimable Worst Druid Ever

Michael Gray is the voice of reason… and Blizzard… in Yumfries Nub Tales series. Nub Tales is always great for a smile.

 Throgg and Lolegolas made an appearance in Safe Passage by Kelly Aarons