I can’t help myself. It’s an addiction. As my family and I spend the night wrestling with no small amount of stress (I’ll explain later), we’re each doing our own thing to cope. I saw some ice cream getting tossed about earlier, and I’m pretty sure Sylvanas chased down a fox. As for me?

Well, I changed themes on the site. I’ll admit, I rather love this one. I like the whimsical sense of it, and the doodle-like graphics. Even though the design’s about as responsive as a dead rat, I decided to go with it. Anyone reading my blog on a mobile device (probably) is using some kind of RSS reader, anyway.

Changing to this theme had a few little challenges. First, getting the blog to show up “right” was a pain in the neck. I ended up creating a new category to display as a blog. It worked out pretty well, though that means I need to go back years and add that category to all posts. That’ll be fun; what I like to think of as a “six-pack task.”

I needed to create featured posts to work the slider effectively. The irony here is that I previous had used that category but removed it because a different theme broke under feature functionality. But this isn’t a field that says featured; it’s a category.

Not to mention, every theme looks at featured images radically differently. That’s fun.

The whole thing reminds me how many different ways there is to solve basic problems. Some tech uses a featured tag; others use a data field. One theme might display featured posts in a slider, another might use them in a tab. Ultimately, we all go about tackling our stress in different ways.

I just happen to swap WordPress themes.

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