Sometimes, the Adsense monster just creeps up on you. Hijacking has been a significant pain in the neck lately, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. So, of course when clients come knocking asking why their readers are seeing such problematic ads, the best I can do is to explain the situation. While my dazzling repartee and scintillating empathy is no doubt a comfort, I’d still prefer to be able to definitely fix the problem.

But in other news, it’s November and I’m giving thanks for all the good in the world. I’ve been quiet the last few months because I experimented with switching hosts. My long-time hosting account has plenty of gum in the works, and it takes a little more maintenance than I’d prefer. I gave a different host a whirl but went slinking back to my original. Thus, not a lot of extra posts while I was passing the URL around. C’est la vie.

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